Power Lash Mascara

Power Lash Mascara

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Alila’s mascara has a lengthening and volumizing formula ensuring a glamorous lash look.

Useful info

Our mascara is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for those with sensitive eyes. It is also exceptionally long-wearing for all day glamour.

Our Powerlash Mascara is one in a million offering all you need in a mascara:

  • Water resistent
  • No powder flake off hence no panda eyes
  • Moisturize lashes
  • Enhance lash growth 
  • Easy removable with hot water
  • Tear proof 
  • Save to use on lash extensions 

The new improved tube and silicone curved comb mascara brush is convenient for any mascara user. Perfect for layering and a must have in your makeup bag.

Useful tip

Replace your mascara every 3 - 4 month to avoid eye sensitivity, the risk of eye infections, and clumping as it dries out.