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Kamaflage Foundation

Kamaflage Foundation

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Kamaflage is a MAXIMUM coverage foundation that conceals all skin perfections. It is a favourite among makeup artists, and perfectly suited for HiDef TV and camera work. 

Useful info:

It contains natural waxes that are hypo-allergenic and non-comedenogenic. The waxes assist to make the foundation last longer on the skin for all day wear.

Useful tip:

Set your Kamaflage foundation with a little loose powder and experience extra long lasting coverage. And don't forget you Fix That Makeup setting spray!

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Remember that you can also purchase Kamaflage refills for your refillable container!

*This item includes your Refillable Palette and Kamaflage Refill. 

**Kamaflage digital colours may differ from actual product. 

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