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Alila Pink Sharpener

Alila Pink Sharpener

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The Alila cosmetic sharpener is an absolute essential tool for ensuring your cosmetic pencils are sharp,

hygienic and on point.


✔️This duo sharpener is ideal for slim, standard and jumbo pencils.
✔️It is equipped with a firm closing cap making it easy for on the go gals.
✔️This removable lid collects the shavings, preventing any mess.
✔️A cleaning stick is attached underneath the sharpener to clean the blades after use.
✔️The blades is made from rust proof stainless steel and will stay sharp for years to come.

    The idea of the cosmetic sharpener is the same as with a normal pencil sharpener, however these blades

    are adapted to the softer texture of cosmetics pencils thus It should only be used on cosmetic pencils.


    Alila’s lip liners and eye liners.

    Size: 1 Unit

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