Concealer Refills

Concealer Refills

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The Alila concealer refills are used within our magnetised palettes to counteract and eliminate flaws on the skin before foundation application.

Useful info:

They are hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (does not clog pores).

Useful tip:

      • Green neutralizes red tones on the face, such as broken veins, blemishes or rashes of a red colour.
      • Orange assists with neutralising blue-toned dark cycles under the eyes and any purple bruising or marking on the skin. It also helps with brownish spots
      • Lilac neutralises yellow coloured bruises or imperfections on the skin, especially on darker skins. It also works well with yellow-based dark circles under the eyes.
      • Beige gives concentrated and highly-pigmented coverage that will visibly brighten stubborn dark circles and soften hollows and tired lines.
      • Bronze neutralizes ashy tones in the above concealers. Also perfect to contour deep skin tones.