20 Eyeshadow + 4 Blush Pallet

R 2,160.00

The twenty eyeshadow plus four plus pallet is perfect for professional kits, studios and even home vanities and makeup tables.

Universal Pallet

This eyeshadow and blush pallet is a perfect combination of all the colours a makeup artist would need for a makeover. Its your base and universal colours. Check out our 18 piece brush set to ensure your eyeshadow and blush is applied perfectly.

Bridal Pallet

This eyeshadow and blush pallet has been pre selected with the most common colours used in bridal makeup. Take a look at our lipshines in soft hues to complement your bridal makeup set.

Crazy Colour Pallet

The crazy colour pallet is consist of bold, statement-making shades. Perfect for makeup artists needing unique shades or those who love colour as much as we do!