Welcome to the home of Alila Professional Cosmetics! We produce a range of superb professional makeup products that contains no harmful substances, is not tested on animals, is hypoallergenic, will not clog your (or your clients') pores, and is ultra long-wearing.

Eight reasons to use Alila

1. Alila is a professional makeup brand that is more than 60% manufactured in South Africa.
2. The range is designed to be hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (in other words, it will not cause allergic reactions or clog your pores).
3. Our products contain NO harmful ingredients.
4. We do the formulation of our products in some of the best skincare and makeup laboratories around the world.
5. Because we are a professional makeup range for professional makeup artists, our products are made with dense pigments, are available in a wide colour range, and we stock refillable pallets.
6. We offer most products in a retail range perfectly suited to fit every fashionista's handbag.
7. Alila is the secret ingredient of many local celebrities' flawless looks.
8. We offer various business and makeup training courses for beauty professionals, as well as how-to workshops for consumers.

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